A book about bugs and feelings


“Ghosts in the Machine is a collection of 13 short stories by a diverse group of videogame critics, journalists and artists about why videogaming’s worst and weirdest problems can also be its most humanizing attributes.” -The back cover.

“SUPERB.” –Richard Lemarchand

“Ghosts in the Machine was great! Loved it.” –Davin Pavlas

Ghosts in the Machine is an anthology edited and organized by Lana Polansky (hello) and Brendan Keogh, and features pieces by Lana Polansky, Ashton Raze, Denis Farr, Alan Williamson, Shelley “Big Shell” Du, Matt Riche, Rollin Bishop, Ian Miles Cheong, Aevee Bee, Ryan Morning, Dylan Sabin, Alois Wittwer and Maddy Myers.

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Click here to take a look at a brief PDF preview of the book. For free you get the cover art, front matter and the preface written by me (Lana). Oh, joy! I hope you like the font we chose.

Click here to read a free excerpt, Maddy Myers’s superb story “Unto Dust,” on Medium.com.

Click here to read a free excerpt, Ashton Raze’s equally superb story “GDD,” on Berfrois.com.




Go to Gumroad to pick up the ebook (all versions – MOBI, EPUB, AZW3, PDF) ($4.99+)

Or get the Kindle Edition on Amazon ($5.00) 

Also! You can get the ebook via LuluiBookstore and Barnes & Noble. ($5.00)

Note: Gumroad only accepts credit.


Pick up the paperback on Amazon ($9.00+shipping) 

Or go to Lulu  ($10.00+shipping) 

If you have any trouble at all with regard to your purchase, don’t hesitate to email us at buggyasallhell@gmail.com so we can sort something out as soon as possible.


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